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University of Massachusetts Trademark & Licensing Administration

UMass Trademark and Licensing Administration coordinates the placement of the University marks both externally and internally on items including shirts, caps or other products. The University of Massachusetts licenses only those products which reflect positively upon the university and are in keeping with the University’s mission. Established to protect the University of Massachusetts name and identifying marks, Trademark and Licensing Administration works to preserve and promote the university’s longstanding reputation as a center of academic and athletic excellence.

Merchandise vendors wishing to use the University’s identifying marks on commercial products must be “licensed vendors” who have obtained permission to use University of Massachusetts marks by securing trademark licenses. Campus organizations that want University identifying marks on their internal-use products must hire licensed vendors to produce these items.

For Licensing inquires, artwork and additional forms, please contact:

Evelin Szymborn
University Trademark and Licensing Coordinator

Policies & Guidelines

Trademark and Licensing Administration Guidelines for UMASS System
Trademark and Licensing Policy

Trademark & Licensing Forms

UMass Amherst License Application
UMass Four Campus License Application
Royalty Waiver
UMass Amherst Crafter’s License Application
UMass Four Campus Crafter’s License Application
Initial Trademark Questionnaire
Trademarks and Licensing Policy
Sport Camp Full Limited License

UMass Licensed Vendors & Product

2017-2018 Licensed Vendors
UMass Licensees by Product Category

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