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Please read the following important information before continuing:

The Events Office operates from 8:00am to 5:00pm on a normal business week schedule.

In order to ensure that your room is booked, please call the office if:

  • Your event will occur within the next 48 hours.
  • It is after 2:00 PM Friday, and you require services this weekend.
  • If you are requesting to use the Student Union Ballroom, Cape Cod Lounge, or Campus Center Auditorium, please fill out the Event Space Request form and e-mail it to the Events Office Staff in addition to filling out an online request.

Get the complete Campus Center / Student Union Facilities Use Policy here.

Print this form when complete for your records!

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By clicking the submit button I agree to the following terms:

  • I am an authorized representative of and/or have signing authority for the organization listed above.
  • I accept responsibility for the conduct of the group using the room(s).
  • The group is financially responsible for all repairs or replacement of any damage caused by said group or its members.
  • The group will not bring in or consume any beverages (alcoholic or non-alcoholic) or food purchased or prepared outside the Campus Center.
  • The event falls within the range of approved uses of the Campus Center facilities (read the policy here)
  • The Events Office will be notified of any funds to be assessed for participation in and/or collected during the course of the event.
  • The event will not be unreasonably noisy and/or be conducted in a manner that may disrupt adjacent events.

I understand that failing to adhere to the Campus Center acceptable room use policy may result in the early termination of the above requested event and/or suspension of my group's booking privileges.

Please Note: Completing and sending this form is a request and does not constitute a confirmed booking. A confirmation will be sent to you within 2 working days, usually sooner. The Events Office reserves the right to reassign space as necessary. A/V requests or changes made within 48 hours of the event are not guaranteed. All events must end before 1:00am unless you request and purchase an extension (Time Waiver). Please contact the Events Office at 577.8200 if you have any questions about our policy.